We are a group established in La Crosse, WI that advocates for our African American youth. We run through two of our local high schools and three of our local middle schools. We work on empowering our youth as well as educating them on their history. We also work on educating our school system and community. We are currently in our second year of running this group and hope to see it grow as we expand. We organize many of the protests in our city as well as many other events that advocate for the rights of African Americans and all people of color. If you are interested in our group so far, please continue to look through our page for more information. Thank you so much for your time!

Our Mission

We want our African American youth to know that they belong and matter in this world. That our children are beautiful regardless of America's standards of beauty. That their lives do truly matter.


Our Vision

We want to create equality within our youth so they can pass it to their friends and family and create a world that supports all people.

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